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Profit From Wellness Health Care Revolution

The current healthcare system is based on sickness -based solutions. This is the diagnosis and treatment of sick people. The main beneficiaries who have always profited from this system are the pharmaceutical companies who are inheriting customers for life.

It is quite clear that with ever increasing costs, this sickness based healthcare system has become unsustainable, especially in the western world.

The good news is that there is an alternative. It is called the “preventive healthcare system,” also called “Wellness Solutions”.

A silent revolution that has been going on for some time is gathering momentum and we have now identified a new trillion dollar industry in the making where the beneficiaries could be you and me.

Selva, the creator of the health and fitness online encyclopedia has identified the huge opportunities and is currently documenting them for the benefit of all of us.

In order to establish and maintain an ongoing dialogue among all of us, he has created a new Website: www.WellnessHealthCareRevolution.com

If you wish to be informed of the opportunities and also help him to develop an interactive environment, I urge to visit the new website and enter your contact details as well. Those leaving their contact details will be among the first to hear of all opportunities.

So go on, visit the website: www.WellnessHealthCareRevolution.com  and enter your details and start interacting. The Wellness healthcare revolution is ours and we could make it happen while making a fortune as well. To your Success’


 Wellness Healthcare – Moving Away From Sickness Healthcare To Wellness Healthcare



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